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Touch Wood School | School Song

School Song

The School Song


The breeze breathes a song, in the trees so tall,
The clouds kiss the peaks, of the mountains so high,
In the midst of this splendor, is TOUCH WOOD our school,
The sunshine of our life.

Abode of learning, we sing in your honour,
And promise to bring, glory to you.
Touch Wood our school, the pride of the Doon.
The knowledge you give, enlightens our souls.
You make us all, worthy and pure.
We learn to tread on the path of truth,
With your ever guiding light.
To be bold and strong, is what you teach
Fair and just, in all our deeds
To stand for all that is right in his sight,
And place our trust in God above.
Brotherhood and harmony, you always preach,
To bind all men, in the bonds of love.
To bring hope and joy to the ones in despair,
And make this world a heaven on earth,

We Woodians live by our motto,
Learning is the revered of the revered,
We pledge to strive for the best always,

To bring laurels to you our school.

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