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Libraries are meant to give an extra boost to your knowledge. This is a place where all the world can be explored. When it comes to schools, libraries play a very important role while providing academic knowledge to the students.
The books kept in the racks of libraries are the house of knowledge and wisdom. The digital world with the power of smartphones, tabs, and computers can never be kept in the place of books as these books have a special place in the heart of students and readers.

School libraries are built to:

Improve students’ interest in studies as these libraries are full of books with different genres.

Join students come from different ethnicities by sitting, reading, and sharing thoughts together.

Promote independent learning by providing a separate space with books of different interests, authors, and publishers.

Access knowledge through different ways and principles.

Develop the habit of reading and understanding things.

Develop intellectual level through genuine information and fictional stories.


Digital libraries are provided to the students with the convenience of learning at their own comfort and also tablets are provided to the students to access e-books. Students can access and read the library materials in various digital formats (eBooks, audiobooks, videos on demand 24 hrs/day) anytime and anywhere using their preferred devices.

Subject No. of Book
English 500
Hindi 500
Reference Book 500
Total Number Of library books 1500

Newspaper & Magazines

    Hindi Newspaper

  • Amar Ujala
  • Dainik Jagran

    English Newspaper

  • Times Of Indiaa
  • Hindustan Times


  • India Today
  • Look out
  • Pratiyogitav Darpan

  • Yog Sandesh
  • Competition Master
  • India Today Hindi
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