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About Us

TOUCH WOOD SCHOOL is a quality public school where children are prepared to succeed in all spheres of life. It is an exclusively English medium, Co-education school, setting new standards in the field of education of children in the present 21st century. The infrastructure of the school is at par with the best schools of the country. Each classroom is equipped with extra marks digital teaching aids devised by education experts for classes P.G. to XII.

A sound education aims at the refinement of both character and personality. We strive and continuously work to weed out what is undesirable and carefully nurture what is desirable. The purpose of meaningful education is not only to impart knowledge but also to produce compassionate, tolerant and strong individuals.

TOUCH WOOD SCHOOL aims at such goals and stands committed to develop an individual’s honesty, loyalty, perseverance, self-confidence, discipline at the gates of life, after they pass through the portals of learning. Stepping ahead of the Silver Jubilee era into the Golden one, our vision is to lay the foundation of a noble character of moral integrity and brotherhood in the young minds of the Woodians. We strive to create global citizens with deep rooted Indian values so as to make a positive difference in the world they live.



Our objectives has always been and will continue to lay the foundation of a noble character of moral integrity, brotherhood in a young minds. We are preparing our children not only to excel at school but also as leaders of tomorrow to face the challenges of the world outside the classroom that is constantly changing and challenging which include:

  • Building self confidence
  • Providing Academic Excellence
  • Inculcating communication and social skills along with analytical abilities.
  • Maintenance of a healthy and agile physique.
  • Inculcating an affinity towards a disciplined and regulated life.
  • Maintaining Physical, mental and emotional balance
  • Believing in National Integration.


360 degree development of our students so that they can be responsible citizens and effective decision makers and leaders of the future.


Open yourself to all manner of experiences, explore the depths of each experience, to be led up the path of excellence (Fun. Study. Research. Innovate. Play).


Our Logo is our promise to unlock your children's hidden potential so that they can blossom into capable, awe-inspiring leaders of tomorrow.


Touch Wood School sincerely creates an atmosphere of worthwhile education and a healthy environment where academics, sports and co-curricular activities mould our students to be the brightest and the best. In order to achieve this, the parents and the school authorities must work together to inculcate certain values in the children such as, respect for one’s elders, parents and especially the teachers which is also a commitment to discipline engraved in our Indian culture. Our aim is to retain these ideas in our younger generation. A student who has a sense of respect for the teacher will be more receptive to authority and to learning. This will enable him/ her to achieve the best out of the school, after being motivated and being given the correct directional guidance to enhance the inherent talent of each child.

Assuring you of our best co-operation for all times to come.

Mrs. Meenakshi Saxena


I am proud to announce that as the Administrator of Touch Wood School & Little Woodian Pre- School. I, Aman Saxena, have ensured that the organization runs smoothly, providing facilities to not only the students but also to every category of staff members. Being a commerce & law graduate managing the budget, handling logistics is my forte. All this includes capable and timely planning. Good judgement in handling relations with various people, such as, staff, parents, students and of course, the public and solving conflicts too carves the path to success.

Though a challenging job, I thoroughly enjoy it and wish all the readers the very best always.

Mr. Aman Saxena
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