Principal Message


Mrs. Meenakshi Saxena


Dear Readers,
With the blessing of the Almighty and the incessant support of our Patrons. Touch Wood School has successfully completed 3 decades. In the words of our late Honourable President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. If a country is to become a nation of beautiful minds. I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the Father, the Mother and the Teacher. These words came so vividly alive when I looked. at the Board results. They were a mirror reflection of the emotional and intellectual support of the above three people coupled with the sincere efforts put in by our students to achieve their goals.

The school management and teaching faculty congratulates all the pass-out and above all the toppers for ICSE and ISC 2017. Samarth Mittal with 97.75% was the topper for the ISC Science steam.
The ICSE students, made us equally proud. Shivam Baheehandi topped the Science section'(93.6 %) and the Commerce section topper was Tenzin Kunga (88%). The overall result was par excellence. We at Touch Wood encourage our children to participate in all the school calendar events.
Each programme, be it the Annual Prize Day, Investiture Ceremony, Labour Day. Earth Day, National Day. 'Sports Day, are theme based so as to arouse respect and love for a child's parents, Mother Earth and not only their peer group but also for all age group individuals. National days are given a lot of importance to inculcate a strong Patriotic feeling among the children of today.

Swatchh Bharat Mission' was very willingly and sportingty supported by our students. Who responded to the mission along with their teachers with full zest and enthusiasm. The Annual Science and Craft Exhibition at DI. Road on 14th February every year is an earnest effort to bow down our heads in reverence to our most respected Prof. Late B. P. Saxena in whose memory Touch Wood School was founded 30 years back.
I must acknowledge the unremitting support of the parents of the students who have studied in thet School and the present ones, too. The administrative staff has stood by the school authority like strong pllars of support for which I extend my gratitude to all of them I admire the laborious efforts of all the members of the teaching faculty. Their untiring positive guidance is bearing fruit today in the lives of Woodians. The support staff members too deserve my appreciation

I believe

If you are determined & your eyes are set
You shall surely achieve your goal & that's a bet

Hard work, honesty & concentration are the only keys to success
Try again & again, for one day victory is what you'll possess

Rise with every fall
Don’t be afraid to touch the sky so tall

Concentrate on every chore that you do
It may be work or can be play too

Set a high goal but it must be within your reach
Also keep you pride low & practice what you preach

Remember to never let your confidence break down
Even if the world jeers at you or calls you a clown

Show them what you are by proving your worth
So that your name shall shine in every comer of this earth

One day for sure your hard work. honesty & focus pay back
And there will be nothing in the world that you’ll lack

Follow these steps & success shall itself enlighten your pathway And
fill your We with joy, happiness & peace everyday

Teach your child about all the colours. But let him /her paint the canvas of his/her life on his own. With warm regards and good wishes always…